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Towards the future of IBD

Nik Sheng Ding, Melbourne, Australia

Marc Ferrante, Leuven, Belgium

Artificial intelligence augmenting medical management

OP36: A colonic gene expression signature predicts nonresponse to anti-inflammatory therapies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Robot and surgeon: How will a partnership work?

OP37: Efficacy and safety of ustekinumab as maintenance therapy in Ulcerative Colitis: Week 44 results from UNIFI

OP38: Maintenance treatment with mirikizumab, a p19-directed IL-23 antibody: 52-week results in patients with Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis

Big data: Potential for transforming IBD research and care

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  • Data de Início: sábado, 09 março 2019
  • Data de Fim: sábado, 09 março 2019
  • Horário: 10:50-12:20
  • Localidade: Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center

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HB4 M1-2, Bella Center
08:00- 11:30
Auditorium 15, Hall A, Bella Center
Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center
Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center

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