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The cycle of IBD life in clinical practice

Glen Doherty, Dublin, Ireland

Richard Russell, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Challenges in managing the elderly

OP31: TP53 mutation in human colonic organoids acquires resistance to in vitro long-term inflammation

OP32: A novel mechanism of colonic epithelial-T cell cross-talk is dysregulated in IBD

The reproductive phase: Practical recommendations

OP33: Late-breaking Abstract

OP34: Late-breaking abstract

OP35: Endoscopic and deep remission at 1 year prevents disease progression in early Crohn’s Disease: Long-term data from CALM

Cancer risk in children with IBD, an under-recognised issue

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  • Data de Início: sábado, 09 março 2019
  • Data de Fim: sábado, 09 março 2019
  • Horário: 08:15-10:20
  • Localidade: Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center

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HB4 M1-2, Bella Center
08:00- 11:30
Auditorium 15, Hall A, Bella Center
Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center
Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center

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