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Basic Science: Immune cells and microbes: A happy marriage?

Tim Raine, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Raja Atreya, Erlangen, Germany

Metabolic profiling – the new player in microbiome research

OP27: High-dimensional mass cytometry reveals the imune cell landscape in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

OP28: Host-microbial crosstalk in the pathogenesis of inflammation and cancer in primary sclerosing cholangitis

Using mucosal immune pathways to predict disease outcome

OP29: ST2+/IL-33 responsive cells promote tumorigenesis in colitis-associated colorectal cancer

OP30: Serum proteomic profiling predicts and diagnoses pouchitis in Ulcerative Colitis patients undergoing ileal pouch-anal anastomosis

Resolution pathways: Next frontier to control intestinal inflammation

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  • Data de Início: sexta-feira, 08 março 2019
  • Data de Fim: sexta-feira, 08 março 2019
  • Horário: 15:10-16:50
  • Localidade: C1-M4-5, Hall C, Bella Center

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HB4 M1-2, Bella Center
08:00- 11:30
Auditorium 15, Hall A, Bella Center
Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center
Plenary Hall, Hall A, Bella Center

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